Making a context-aware app: BergOp

In the third year we got the task to design an context-aware mobile app. In addition to the task, we must choose an assignment. Our group decided to pick the cycling assignment. This assignment really taught me how to make the most out of the technology in our smartphones. For example using Bluetooth, GPS, data, accelerometer sensor, etc. 


👀 Who & Why?
The Dutch cycle website releases a top 500 of the most beautiful rides. In addition to the website and the top 500 magazine, wanted an app that makes the ride more fun.


🤔 What to Solve?
The assignment was to design an app that makes the ride more fun using the top 500 provided, tailored to the 18+ target audience that would be interested in cycling the top 500 most beautiful rides.


🤓 Solution
We created the BergOp app that suites the needs of the target audience. The app contains the top 500 most beautiful Using the information we gained from tests and interviews, we added a few features like:
– finding people to cycle with
– to see your own achievements 
– see your own progress 
– to assist you during the ride & show progress during the ride
– re-live the wonderful cycling rides