Concept Guarddog: Experience your neighborhood safely

In the Hague we see more problems getting reported in the newspapers, for example, citizens being disturbed by loitering youth. It seems like the Hague is getting more unsafe for their citizens. On behalf of UrbanUX, I had to design something that uses artificial intelligence to make citizens feel safer in their own neighbourhood. 


👀 Who?

The UrbanUX is an research and design organization within the Hague University of Applied Sciences, focused on research and design of civic technology within region of The Hague. 


🤔 What to solve? 

After doing research on the experience of safety in the most unsafe neighbourhoods in The Hague, I formulated the following goal: To create a digital interaction between the student and the habitat using Artificial Intelligence. Using AI, I will help solving the following problems: waste, loitering youth and a bad lit street. The student will feel safer in his own residental neighbourhood. 


🤓 Solution 
The concept ‘Waakhond’ or Guard dog in English was created. Waakhond is an assistant in an app that assist you while walking to your destination. He/she can be everywhere assisting you, for example on your smartwatch or phone. Using sensors (microphone, GPS, camera, motion sensors ) that are placed in the streets (for example in streetlights or trashcans) and smartphone (accelerometer, mic, GPS, Bluetooth, fingerprint), he uses machine learning to pick up patterns and use that information in the app. 


‘Waakhond’ has the following features:

      AI-chatbot function

      You can call it 

      See where loitering youth are, using the sensors to detect them 

      Can calculate a safe route and advise you to go another direction, real time. 

      There is a function to warn the authorities, if something might happen 

      An alarm you can use 

      If you throw away trash in the designated areas, you can save up points for several stores.  


 🧐 Further notes…

This concept isn’t without any flaws. It’s still only in its early stages. It’s a futuristic concept that hasn’t taken into account the following things: how much the technology has advanced by the time it can be realised, how to use the information, laws and privacy of outsiders. 

The concept isn’t easy to test, but used a customer journey map to give more insight into the experience. Also an experience prototype was made to test the experience. If you’d like to know more about my methods and further process of the concept, feel free to contact me. 

1. Login Screen
2. Voice or chat?
3. Chat screen