Redesign of was one of my first assignments as a CMD student. It taught me how to use the conventional patterns we already have, to practice creating a more user-friendly interface. 


👀 Who and Why?
The redesign was made for The owner of Plof, Anouk Corstiaesen, is a graphic and textile designer. The vision of Plof is simple: they aim to show jollity, being approachable and creativity. An important factor to Anouk is to be unique. The target audience are prospective parents and young families. 


The goal of Anouk is to get more revenue and publicity. She also wishes to not get lost in the amount of products. In addition Anouk wanted to have enough space in the website to apply her own ideas to the website.


🤔 What to solve?

After doing an heuristic evaluation, it appeared that her website could be improved in the following areas: overview and user-friendly. A lot of elements were not according to the usual patterns, which was why the user got confused while navigating the website. 


🤓 Solution

By applying the design patterns and redesign the style of the website according to her company values, I came up with a few redesigns (homepage, product overview & payment process) that matches Plof wishes and tailor it more towards the target audience