Spares App: what to do with My leftovers?

During my exchange time I had the opportunity to design my own mobile app that belongs to the Exploration or Personal Well-being category during the UI/UX workshops. I had three weeks to create an idea, make sketches and make a hi-fi prototype. This assignment was part of ‘digital media’, which also explored video effects, sounds and animating a character. 


🤔 Why & What to solve?
I asked some students what their daily struggles are. They told me that they usually have left overs of their ingredients and don’t know what to do with those. The key demographic are students between the age of 17 to 30. I decided to make an app that gives you a few recipes based on those leftovers. 

🤓 Solution

SPARES is an application that gives the user quick and easy recipes, based on the ingredients you have left over, time or difficulty. Under this text I embedded the hi-fi prototype. Only the function to select new recipes with the left overs is made into a clickable prototype. 

1. Splash Screen
2. Explore (2x)
3. Recipes Options
4. Selected Recipe